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A antecedent told Sporting News that Jon Kitna

    By lolgavip

    A antecedent told Sporting News that Jon Kitna has interviewed for Madden 18 Coins a position on arch drillmaster Marvin Lewis' staff.

    Although the exact role wasn’t anon known, Kitna may be beneath application for the team's abandoned quarterbacks drillmaster job. Cincinnati created the aperture aboriginal this division if Bill Lazor was acknowledgment to abhorrent coordinator to alter the accursed Ken Zampese.

    Kitna, 45, was Lewis' aboriginal starting Madden Mobile Account quarterback if the closing was assassin as Cincinnati's arch drillmaster in 2003. That is the aforementioned year Cincinnati acclimated the No. 1 all-embracing abstract aces to baddest Carson Palmer, who replaced Kitna with the first-team breach in 2004. Kitna spent two seasons as Palmer’s advancement afore abrogation for a starting position with the Lions in 2006.