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The first draft of Green

    By loyaty

    Speaking of Green's physical qualities, that's an epic level! In the 2005 NBA draft, high school player Gerald Green was selected by the Boston celtics in the first round of 18. In the 2007 all-star game, Green was the winner of the champion Slam Dunk contest with a five-point Slam Dunk, one of which was a jump from the top of the team, Pierce. And in the game, Green LOLGA.Inc has always been able to give the fans a steady performance in the top ten.

    The draft, in the final year of high school averaged 33 points and 12 rebounds and seven assists 3 blocked shots, had high ranking the first draft of Green, eventually did not enter the lottery, and slip the 18th. One of the key reasons is the fact that Green, who is too high for himself, has just decided to break the invitation of the first six teams. I will choose me instead of training! And this kind of high attitude, also caused a lot of team's antipathy. In the draft of that year, the top pick of the former is the yellow flower, deron is already semi-retired, only Paul is still in the impact of the west of the floor - Green originally had the ability to rank top 10!