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One of the recent additions is a food bank, which takes holiday dresses for little girls referrals from social services, the Citizens' Advice Bureau and housing associations. "Food need has definitely grown," says Graham. "Some of these people really are desperate. They may be people who have money management problems, have lost out as a result of benefit changes or have run into problems because of the increase in energy bills and the cost of living. Some of the people we give parcels to are actually in work. I don't know how some people would get by without us.

In American Winter, all three of these parents express a sense of shame at ending up in their current situation. "There's a stigma attached to people who ask for assistance," Melson explains. "People have the tendency to believe that there was something that you did to make yourself get in that situation and now you're begging, when in all actuality I don't think any of us here did anything particular to get into our situations. I think all of it was based on each of us basically losing our source of income."

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Police think they were part of a club of friends that regularly met near the South Boulder Recreation Center for public "street fighting.""Apparently, they were gathering in the field after school hours . where they were engaging in fights," Huntley said. Police expect to ticket two more students they think were involved sometime today, she said."First and foremost, we're concerned about injuries to kids," Huntley said. "This was not supervised wrestling or boxing. . "The feeling is there's several others they need to find."Fairview Principal Donald Stensrud said he has taken some disciplinary actions against the students who have been cited, but he did not disclose details because of confidentiality rules. He said suspensions are a possibility."It's a blood sport," Stensrud said. "I am asking that you discuss this issue with your student and urge (him or her) to come forward if she or he has any information that will help us bring this behavior to a halt."The two Fairview students ticketed for the March 6 fight have Boulder Municipal Court appearances scheduled Tuesday. Archived comments

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