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Sagiv Miismarti

    By jhonsonsteve7

    The Law of Attraction Explained - Defining Thoughts




    Before you can get the law of attraction explained, you must be happy to modify the way you use your mind. Set aside everything you think you know about the world, how it functions, and the nature of life. Take a step beyond the boundaries of your own imagination and childhood belief system. Assume for a minute, that you may be on the brink of finding a secret so vast and overwhelmingly strong, it is going to change who you are eternally. Because it will, without a doubt, and MUCH faster than you ever believed possible!



    The law of attraction is merely that, like attracts like. When you have the law of appeal explained to you it is important to keep in mind it is the universal and all potent law which governs everything in the universe. What you give you receive and you receive so that you may give. This is the method of the universe and it is how it is intended. You can't create anything without giving out the thoughts and feelings associated with the finished creation. In your mind ideas are born. Ideas spawn emotions which lead to more ideas and so forth. Positive attracts negative and positive attracts negative.

    The maturing process of the human race doesn't stop but GROWS. Our bodies may grow into their adult forms, however, our minds have to also grow to realize our entire potential. Our greatest responsibility is to learn our ideas and feelings. However, much like an aging child clinging to their own toddler belief and value system, many of us choose ignorance over this task. This is only because it requires effort, discipline, devotion, religion and such "growing pains" are easy to side-step when everybody around you apparently is doing exactly the exact same thing. The law of attraction clarified as an external force is incorrect. Everything starts and ends from in your mind and without it there would be nothing.

    To have the law of attraction clarified to us isn't sufficient in and of itself. It requires a certain degree of honesty, dedication, courage, and comprehension before our eyes adapt to the wisdom. We live in a time where we can no longer manage to pick the easy way out. We all have to have the law of appeal clarified to us, but more importantly, most of us have to mature in our beliefs and thought habits. Our technologies and net circumstances are employing sufficient pressure upon us as a species which we HAVE to develop mentally, or face the consequences. It is time we all recognize and accept the depth and magnitude of the power available to us. Not just to change our own lives, yet to re-shape the world as we see fit, and beyond to our wildest dreams.

    Our brains are super-computers. Considerably more powerful and complex than any mechanical apparatus on this planet. It's capable of creating literal wonders and can be used to create and experience ANYTHING. The mind utilizes an operating system called the sub-conscious mind. We, the consumer, operate this pc primarily through a conscious interface. The sub-conscious mind controls all of our involuntary physiological tasks. From the time of our heart-beat, to the launch of enzymes in our blood-stream, to a hundred thousand other exceptionally important tasks. Along with this, the sub-conscious has yet another job, manifestation.

    Everything in the universe can be broken down into smaller and smaller bits. If you break down anything enough you arrive energy. Consequently, everything is energy! We breathe and live in bodies made of pure energy and are encompassed by it. Vibration, frequency, synchronization, harmonization, this is our world and it's all connected. The world is, in essence, a huge pool of energy and vibration. The important part, each human mind has access to this joint stored power of the universe as a whole! The sub-conscious is our link to the limitless power of the energy and draws from it whatever pictures we project in the mind.

    The psychological responsibility of the sub-conscious is simply to create and obey whatever the user(you) shows it. And this it does by interpreting your feelings as controls. The sub-conscious does not distinguish truth from belief and will respond to ANY control you provide it! If you think you will fail, you may. If you believe you don't have enough money, you don't. Those restricting beliefs are what you are controlling the sub-conscious to attract from the universe. It doesn't EXACTLY what you need! The issue is as we enter adult-hood we fail to use the appropriate controls to attract that which we want most. Often-times bringing the exact reverse through fear, uncertainty, and worry. The brand new found "responsibilities" of young adults tends to automatically send them down bad mental habits of failure, disappointment, and frustration.

    Rewind your life and you will see a time once you mechanically used your sub-conscious properly. In this time period you were joyful, healthy, powerful, and felt invincible. The world was your oyster and there was no fantasy you couldn't achieve in your mind. Some never lose this mindset, others might not recall ever feeling this way. In either case, ALL success and pleasure is born within this joyous mind. We're conditioned to use are heads badly. Through strain and habitat, most of us tend to put on a collective veil of misery and limitation. This veil grows heavy and induces much more burdens into the mind. It is hard to escape this mental trap so a lot of us are born to. But there is always hope! Provided that you can think, you can change your life. For it is ultimately our thoughts, after-all, which define us. That is a great fact so a lot of us seem to have forgotten. In our search to have the law of attraction clarified, oftentimes we discover the scars we have accumulated over the years. Do not focus on the pain that caused them rather, focus on how great you are feeling now and how good your future is from the point of view of gratitude. Locate the hidden blessings in your life, and be the lucky person you deserve to be!

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